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Out of the Box Professionalism.

Computer Keyboard

The vast experience of 9500 Group is translated into Y- Combination's training modules, starting with the most basic module moving along the modules to the most comprehensive data collection and analysis. Although it is all open source data, some of the sources are hidden behind usernames and passwords, encryption and members-only websites, forcing creative collection and analysis solutions.

The analysis in open source has to do with information reliability (identifying fake news), sources reliability (identifying fake users) and multi sources data fusion.

We also train on various open source intelligence systems.


Dark Web
Search & Analysis

The Dark Web is this place in the Internet where the "dark people" reside. Where criminals trade, where terrorists gather together, where hackers dump exphiltrated data. It is not one place or even one network, but a plethora of websites, chat rooms, encrypted instant messaging applications, anonymized networks and more. Our Dark Web modules start from the very basic definitions, go through the search on the different platforms and finish with the challenging research and analysis of anonymized data from anonymous users.   

Social Media
Search & Analysis

Social media outlets provide both content (text, picture, video) and technical data - connections between entities such as users and posts (friend, like, share etc.) Gathering this data and analyzing it is an expertise combining the user research with the group research, the content with the technical relations between the entities, and the metadata. Typically it involves also big data, so both the collection and the analysis are even more challenging. We teach it all, theory and practice, manual work as well as automated one.

Advanced Open Web

The search in the open ("clear") web is not just a Google search. It involves searches in closed and open databases, in websites, chat groups, talk-backs, blogs and many more "places" in the digital world. It involves textual data, pictures, videos, technical data and even virtual worlds. Just like social media and dark web, the open web is a challenge for both collection and analysis, combining big data analysis with finding a needle in a haystack. Our advantage - combining all types of data from all over the internet into one unified intelligence picture.    

Social Engineering

Part of the collection is cyber human based collection - also known as fake users / avatars based collection. This unique and morally challenging methodology enables extraction of data that is not out there, never been posted / published, and need to be extracted from human beings (and not machines / databases). This methodology is based on deep understanding of the human nature and social engineering, on what a good cover story is, what is needed technically, what a social media user needs Vs. what a dark web user need, and many more issues and aspect.

We know how to walk the walk and talk the talk, and we teach it in an effective, clear and efficient way. 

Influence Intelligence

Defense against hostile influence campaigns (counter campaigns) needs intelligence prior an attack (predictive intelligence), during an attack (threat intelligence) and after an attack (for recovery). This intelligence involves tactical data, big data collection and analysis, alert systems based on early (weak) signals, incident response actionable intelligence and more, all combined into one doctrine, updated constantly, as this wold of influence evolves daily. Having the advantage of the attacker's experience, our methodology incorporates also elements from the cyber attack world, making it unique in the market.

Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence analysis and reporting is an art, encompassing understanding intelligence collection, data analysis, clear reporting, "time to market" management, being able to build a clear intelligence picture out of piles of pieces of information, answering "consumers" needs, resources management, quality management and more. Our Intelligence analysis module goes through a lot of theory and methodology, based on years of practical experience, in order to provided the trainees with the most updated and relevant (tailor made) set of tools, enabling countries to build agile teams, capable of answering constantly changing challenges and building capacity,      

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